Leg day…what?

Yes, leg day, the day most people say they workout their legs but tend to lose focus when the times arrives to follow through with an intensive leg workout. For me, it has been a few months since I last went to the gym and did a leg workout. I’m not intending to play the cancer card here, but in all reality that is why I haven’t been working my legs. I have been busy riding my mountain bike and doing some hiking, but it’s not the same as a leg workout in the gym. I love working out my legs, or well, at least I did.

Just the other day I was blessed to have my son join me for my workout. Needless to say I was extremely happy for this opportunity. I love working out with my son. AND YES, it was leg day. The whole “take it easy” thing went out the window. I mean come on, it’s my son, and I had to show him I can still out lift him. I had to show him his “old man” of a dad was bullet proof and that cancer had nothing on me!?!? Well, that lasted all of about 30 minutes.

After the warmup we headed over to the squat rack. I was feeling good, minus the fact that my legs were already burning because I did NOT take it easy on the warmup. Nonetheless, first up on leg day was squats. I haven’t been able to do weighted squats for almost 7 months due to the nerve damage from surgery. Did I even take that into consideration…? Heck No!!! We started with an easy lightweight warmup set. Next, we started to put some weight on the bar. I was smart enough to know my limits of how much weight to use, but I still wanted to go all out. So, because I know I couldn’t lift a lot of weight, I increased the number of reps we were doing. After the second set I started to feel like my old self. I had good form and was able to go down deep into the squat. I was rather impressed with myself to say the least. My son, a competitive gymnast, was hanging right there with me for each set and rep.

After squats, we moved into some hamstring exercises. This is when it hit me; you are out of shape and need to slow down. Now, I have been doing personal training and strength and conditioning coaching for quite sometime. I have a degree in Exercise Sports Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine. I have a very good understanding of what the body goes through during exercising and the proper way to train. BUT, for some reason, this workout became a personal challenge of me wanting to show my son that I am perfectly fine and back to my old self. It was for that reason I kept pushing myself. Or was it only that reason?

Before this go around with cancer, my workouts were on the extreme side. Now, I know I need to take it easy still. I know what I’m currently capable of doing, when I don’t let my ego get in the way. This time, though, I ignored what I tell my clients and I defiantly pushed myself beyond what it was I should have been doing when my son and I worked out.  Thankfully, I was still somewhat smart about how I approached it. I made sure not to lift anything heavy, I made sure to use good form, I also made sure to call it quits when I felt like I was starting to get to far ahead of myself. Okay, that last one took some time to admit. I’m to the point now where I want to be back to the way I used to be. It’s frustrating knowing that I might not be back to that form ever again. But, that doesn’t mean I will give up on one day achieving that goal. I will do my best to make it back to where I once was. I might be walking funny like I am right now because I over did it in the gym, but I will never give up on that goal.


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