Bathroom remodel time, DAMMIT, I sprung a leak…

This is my first “real” physical test since having surgery. Tear out the old and in with the new!  Funny how that is reflective of my surgery in December; take out the bladder, put in the urostomy.  We have wanted to do this for some time now, the bathroom that is. I can finally replace the small white tiles that line the shower with larger ones. Not to mention, getting rid of the tub is really going to open up the bathroom. I also get to see how many times I can puncture my urostomy bag. YES, I have done this once already and I just started the project. This is thanks to those small, sharp when they break, white tiles.

I will admit, I am excited about doing this. Not just for having a new master bathroom, but for being able to do some work. As a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, the whole “take it easy while you recover from surgery” thing is killing me. I need to do something that has physical activity written all over it in order to give me my fix while not being able to workout. I will say that my lack of energy and strength have already made this project more of a challenge. This became very obvious when I removed the tub. After I dragged it on its side through the house into the garage, a rather long break was needed. As I sat down to catch my breath I realized this might take a while to complete. So I made a pot of coffee, slowly downed a cup, and went back to sitting because it didn’t help all that much. God I miss my pre-workout drinks.

For the time being, this has turned into a personal challenge, a challenge that’s given me something to feel needed over, because for so many months I felt useless. One that has helped me see how far I have actually come since my surgery. I might not like the speed of which I am recovering, but I am making progress. Being in such good physical shape before this go around with cancer has definitely allowed me to recover faster and have less lingering side effects from the surgery. This was also true with my first battle with cancer. It has also shown me how easy it is to spring a leak when you don’t drain your ostomy before handling sharp objects.  Just one of the many things that are now a regular part of my cancer-ed life.

You may be asking why is he talking about something so mundane as ripping out a bathroom?  I could have started with my first round with cancer or poetically ponder over what my future holds.  But, really, why not start with today?  There will be times I will reflect on my road here.  And, I may ponder about tomorrow.  You may even find entries from my wife, son, friends, doctors and fellow survivors.   I don’t know.  But, for today, I am just going to keep tearing apart my bathroom, hopefully leak free!


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