Cruel Summer Flashback, 2012…

This is a brief overview of my first cancer diagnoses. During this time, my father was also going through his battle with cancer as well. … More Cruel Summer Flashback, 2012…


Core Recovery

Core exercises (abs, obliques, lower back) have always been apart of my daily workout routines. There were days where all I’d do for a workout would be core exercises. I found the stronger my core became, the less likely I was for an injury when lifting heavy squats, dead lifts, standing shoulder presses, etc. I … More Core Recovery

Head in the clouds 

Breathtaking views, lack of oxygen, physically exhausted, and loving life! During my first full day in Colorado I drove to Longs Peak. I arrived at Longs Peak trailhead around 10:00AM to start what was supposed to be a “let me see what I got myself into” prehike. My goal for the day was to hike … More Head in the clouds 

Leg day…what?

Yes, leg day, the day most people say they workout their legs but tend to lose focus when the times arrives to follow through with an intensive leg workout. For me, it has been a few months since I last went to the gym and did a leg workout. I’m not intending to play the … More Leg day…what?